Full Circle Communities

Aquilini: Redefining Impactful Community Development

Great communities make life better for everyone, fostering meaningful connections between people and generations. As a local Vancouver builder with business interests in culture and lifestyle, we see home as a place where everything in life comes full circle.

Anything is
with Family

In 60 years, the Aquilini Group has nurtured a family of companies that builds, sustains, and entertains communities. Relationships are the heart of everything we do—and the reason we do it.

a passion for communitya passion for community

True to
Our Core Values


What creates the warmth of belonging? It’s the familiar streets where we greet neighbours, the shops and cafés we walk to, the parks where our kids play. This is the atmosphere we strive for with every community we create.

aquiline built on partnerships


We collaborate with stakeholders to create communities that raise the bar for businesses, homeowners, neighbourhoods, and investors. We succeed better together.

Succeeding as a

We have been building Canadian communities as a family since 1956. Today, we are proud to still be a family-run company with the same core values. This team is our extended family – one we support to succeed and celebrate together.

Acting with

Our business relationships are built on our core values. How they mature and strengthen comes from experience and trust. How we communicate, collaborate, and represent Aquilini, is based on a culture of respect.